Our Services

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation spacer Community Relations

Community Matters leads organizations through processes that clarify where they want to go and how they hope to get there.

Unproductive meetings can cost your organization unnecessary time and energy, especially for those who volunteer their time to the board.

Our services can help by providing a neutral party to control the process so that you can pay attention to the content; keep your meetings focused and productive; insure that everyone's voice is heard; allow decisions to be made based on team colloboration; and clarify ways to make change in a positive way. spacer

Community Relations is critical in establishing an organization's support and position in the demographic area in which they serve.

Good community relations involves sponsorships, socially responsible business practices, supporting local businesses, and developing partnerships with other community-minded groups and individuals.

We can help improve community relations by conducting needs assessments that identify appropriate focus areas and by making initial contacts to determine mutual interests.

Organization and Board Development spacer spacer Strategic Planning

Organization and board development is an ongoing, systematic process that assures effective and timely change in an organization.

A good OD plan clarifies board, team or organizational identity, roles and expectations.

We can help to create a chart for success for those individuals that will be integral in the success of an organization.

The Strategic Planning process clearly defines an organization's vision, mission, goals and objectives.

We can help facilitate strategic thinking discussions, strategic planning sessions and the development of strategic plans.

An effective plan provides a roadmap and a means to monitor progress.

Development / Fundraising spacer  

Establishing a comprehensive fund development plan is essential for any nonprofit organization and educating the board on the implementation is equally important.

We can help you develop specific fundraising strategies that include engaging the Board in a way that is not intimidating to their commitment to the organization.

Identifying alternative funding sources is a key component of the plan.