About Us

Kate Hamel founded Community Matters to provide personalized, professional consulting services to nonprofits, small businesses and municipalities. With over 25 years of experience, Kate is an Kate Hamelaccomplished professional in various for-profit and nonprofit organizations with skills and expertise in leadership, organizational development, facilitation, community-building and fund development.

This familiarity has made her aware of an organization/community’s culture and environment. Her experience facilitating strategic planning sessions, fund development planning and community based initiatives enable her to understand the process and opportunity for growth, through shared discussion and productive solutions, with a diverse group of individuals and organizations.

She has a keen sense of community engagement in her approach to working with communities at large with an objective of integrating business solutions through planning and collaborating with professionals and community members.

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Let Community Matters help you

  • Encourage communications and open discussions internally and with the local community

  • Develop fundraising strategies and identify funding sources
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